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jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

something i need to do

i will try to be happy just for me not for no one else....

i feel so lonely ,so sad,

but i will fight for me and no one else,

i got great friends. i dont forgot ,

but in this moment ,

i dont feel them ,

becouse today i will fight alone

, becouse today

no one can see why am leaving ,

why? becouse they are in their lives,

living like they can ,

and there is not space for anything else

i dont blame them ,i understand

today i just feel sad

tomorrow maybe better

but i know

whatever thing i need

god WILL be there

dont matters if he had time or not

dont matters if he was tired

dont matters if he felt alone too

he always will be there for me

becouse he is the best friend

no human can be

i know the i will be happy becouse i decided to be

becouse i know he never leaves me alone

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